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Pakhtuns are not terrorists: Achakzai

“Pakistan can live for another century provided that Pakistan should not be used against Afghanistan”

QUETTA: Chief of the Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP), Mahmood Khan Achakzai, has said that the Pakhtuns are not terrorists and under a conspiracy, they are unwarrantedly dubbed as terrorists.

Addressing the International Pashtu Conference at Hotel Serena here, the PkMAP chief said that the Pakhtuns had never been involved in acts of terrorism and under a conspiracy they are being painted so.

Many others are trying to paint Pakhtuns as sectarian militants saying that they had never believed in sectarianism or involved in sectarian controversy; or killing people on sectarian grounds, Achakzai said.

“If Pakhtuns believed in sectarianism, then there would not been places of worships of other religions in this country and only Mosques would have replaced all other places of worship,” he added.

He warned the concerned quarters that there should be no talk against our mosques and there should be no conspiracies in this connection. In such a case, the situation can take a serious turn. “We never hate people on the basis of caste and creed,” he told the gathering.

He said that the powerful nations or super powers had brought all the Muslim countries under their domination and most of the Muslim rulers had surrendered before the super powers in this world. Only Afghans resisted them bravely who refused to accept supremacy of the world power and resisted their domination with full determination. He said that the Afghans never accept the dominating role of the super powers.

Mahmood Khan Achakzai said that the Pakhtuns would take revenge even after 100 years and the modern history will prove it.

Referring to the Durrand Line between Pakistan and Afghanistan, he termed it a compulsion of history and under this compulsion; Pakhtuns are passing their lives on both sides of the Durrand Line.

He declared that Pakistan can live for another century provided that Pakistan should not be used against Afghanistan. He said that if the Pakhtun Mainland is looked upon with bad intension, the people would not remain silent and “we will not allow occupation of Afghanistan and the Pakhtuns would fight back.”

He claimed massive death and destruction in Waziristan and its adjoining areas where Mahsud and Wazir tribesmen are residing merely because of the only two per cent terrorists were that land.

Without naming the government, he said terrorists from all over the world were invited and settled here to wage wars against their adversaries. Now this is the duty of the government to control all those foreign terrorists.

He said he had not accepted the water accords in the past and will never accept it in future.

The PkMAP chief denied that he was given the contract for digging trenches all along the Durrand Line and if any one proves it he will be prepared to leave his fatherland forever. He said that such baseless and unfounded propaganda campaign must be stopped. He demanded equal rights for Pakhtuns as enjoyed by people of Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan.—(Balochistan Express)

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