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Pakistan accused of duplicity to regain US trust

AT-KABUL: Members of parliament and political analysts believe that Pakistan was playing new game to attract confidence from the United States over cooperating for peace efforts in Afghanistan.

They say that they do not trust Pakistan was really working for peace and stability in Afghanistan, adding that if Washington wants to bring stability in Afghanistan, it can easily make Pakistan abandon support of terrorism.

“The US strategy that has entered negotiations with Pakistan is apparently a good measure. But our experiences show that unfortunately, there is no honesty in bringing peace to Afghanistan. Everyone is seeking its own interests in Afghanistan. I don’t think we can bring peace unless a comprehensive and honest international decision is made,” said Erfanollah Erfan, a member of the parliament.

The Pentagon has recently emphasized on Pakistan’s role over Afghan peace, saying it would work with Islamabad to make opportunities for peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.

Afghanistan in the past 17 years, has frequently accused Pakistan as the main factor of insecurity and birthplace of terrorism.

Pakistan’s hollow promises over encouraging Taliban to sit behind negotiation desk and its dishonest pledges, were the elements that intensified tensions with Afghanistan. The United States warned against cut of financial aids and using other options against Pakistan.

American senators and political elites believe that Pakistan did never change its policy and it still continues supporting terrorist groups.

The government of Afghanistan has repeatedly emphasized on the US pressures on Pakistan, saying that it would support any steps that lead Pakistan change its policy.

Political experts in Afghanistan say that Pakistan continues violating border laws and supporting terrorism in its soil.

“Pakistan continues obstinacy and it is meanwhile trying to attract the US confidence. We are expecting the United States take serious measures against Pakistan, because Islamabad’s words and actions are different,” said political analyst, Wadir Safi.

He added that as military holds important policies in Pakistan, the US can militarily pressure it to cooperate with the Afghan-led peace process.

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