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Pakistan army once again fired 85 rockets on two districts of Kunar

AT-KABUL: Pakistan military resumed missiles shelling into Kunar province as the country once again fired 85 rockets to eastern Kunar province, provincial police official said on Monday.

“Once again Pakistan started shelling missile to Kunar province Sunday and it was continued till Monday morning ‘24 hours’,” said Kunar Police Spokesman Farhad Dehqan.

He said that 50 missile fired by Pakistan military from other side of Durand Line hit in Dangam district and 35 in Nari district of Kunar province.

“Fortunately the missile hit in remote areas, where no casualties reported as well as no any financial losses due to the incident,” he added.

The issue reported to the center and relevant organs to take step for solution, he concluded.

Since three years Pakistan military often fired missile on areas of Kunar, which caused killing of civilians destroying of houses and displaced of people in different district in the province. The shelling attacks come as Islamabad is harboring and supporting terrorist groups that carry out attacks inside Afghan soil. Pakistan is number one enemy of Afghanistan, making every attempt to destabilize the country. Pakistan—the mother of all terrorist groups, has to be kneeled downs by pressurizing it to shun supporting and harboring insurgency. It is hoped that US administration gets tougher on Pakistan in its news strategy.

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