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Pakistan asked to practically act against terrorists

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KABUL: The Office of Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah says Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, should take practical steps in fight against terrorism and militants in Pakistan, as it is vital not only for the security of that country but for the security of the entire region.

Practical steps in fight against terrorism would help security in the entire regional countries, Abdullah’s office said Wednesday.

Statement by Afghan government comes in reaction to Imran Khan’s recent remarks, in which he said there was no place for the militant groups in Pakistani soil anymore and his country would take action against these groups to dismantle them.

Khan confirmed such groups were created by Pakistan’s military establishment decades ago to fight against Afghan government in Afghanistan.

Faridon Khwazon Spokesman for Chief Executive Office retreated that Khan’s government in addition to the elimination of the militant groups should also take action against elements, who are supporting the terrorists from inside the Pakistan military and intelligence.

“Imran Khan and the Pakistan government should eliminate those elements inside the intelligence and military establishment of Pakistan, who support militant groups,” he said.

“We hope Pakistan would take practical steps, so the sources that support terrorism in a bid to cut off their links with militants, and this would help security and stability in Afghanistan to improve.”

Talking in a meeting with foreign journalists in Islamabad, Imran Khan said that the militant groups should be eliminated in Pakistan.

He said that the groups were formed to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan is no more of use, thus these groups should be eliminated in Pakistan, emphasizing over their perish long ago.

Afghan government for longtime has been accused Pakistan of supporting the terrorist groups who inflate Afghanistan through crossing points for conducting terrorist attacks. Afghan officials believe such terrorist groups enjoy support from Pakistan’s powerful military and intelligence establishments.

Mohammad Alam Ezadyar Deputy Chairman of the Upper House of the Parliament in reaction to Khan’s remarks said that Pakistan should take honest steps to crackdown on the nests of terrorist groups on its soil.

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