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Pakistan asks Taliban to severe ties with terror organizations

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KABUL: As the Afghan Taliban called on Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to seal a peace deal with Pakistani government, Islamabad has called on the Taliban to severe ties with all terrorist organizations including the militant TTP.

A Pakistani newspaper said that Islamabad looks at TTP matter as a crucial test for Taliban leadership. “If the Taliban can’t address concerns of Pakistan then who would trust them and their promise of cutting ties to al Qaeda and other such groups,” the report quoting officials said.

It also added that any haphazard approach will be damaging for the Afghan Taliban as the situation will further deteriorate if the group struggled to satisfy neighboring countries. Meanwhile, Islamabad is not only seeking humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan but urging the international community not to abandon the country.

In return, Pakistan expects that Taliban to address its concerns particularly with regards to the TTP which has been responsible for many attacks inside Pakistan.

Pakistan recently hosted an extraordinary meeting of the foreign ministers from the Organisation Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to garner international support for the Taliban interim government.

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