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Pakistan can help facilitate intra-Afghan dialogue

KABUL: Optimism is increasing in the government regarding Pakistan’s assistance in the peace process as a delegation visited recently Islamabad to demand the neighboring country persuade Taliban militants to join the peace talks.

Umer Daudzai, head of the state-run High Peace Council’s secretariat met with different officials and politicians in a four-day trip to Islamabad.

“Mr. Daudzai is optimistic to his meetings with Pakistani authorities and hopes that we can hold an intra-Afghan meeting soon. The government of Pakistan has an important role and can put a positive impact on the intra-Afghan meetings if it wants,” Mohammad Ismael Qasemyar, a senior council’ official said Friday.

He added that Pakistan’s new administration led by Prime Minister Imran Khan has a good view regarding Afghanistan, but did not provide details what promises Pakistan gave to Kabul.

Imran Khan’s government pays more attention to Pakistan’s economic growth and has realized that stability in Afghanistan is in their benefit.

Meanwhile, political analysts say that Pakistan has abandoned its “dual game” regarding Afghanistan under increasing international pressures.

“Although the government of Pakistan has lost part of the US donations and Afghanistan has changed the route of its export-import. So, pressures from different sides on Pakistan have made it cooperate with the government of Afghanistan regarding the peace process,” said Hamid Azizi, a political expert.

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