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Pakistan deploys soldiers close to Durand Line

AT-KABUL: Pakistan has deployed its military forces near the Durand border line, according to sources.

The US military had established outposts along the Durand border line in 2001, and handed them over to Pakistani troops after they withdrew. The parliament accuses the government of negligence, saying that Pakistan has been transgressing Afghan sovereignty for 17 years, while Afghan government remained silent.

After fencing the border line, Pakistani army is making efforts to establish military posts beyond the line inside Afghan soil.

Members of parliament are concerned over the issue and say they have shared their findings with the government.

Afghan government had previously only condemned the border line fencing and now calls Pakistan’s new moves as creating war atmosphere, saying it is unacceptable for Afghan people and government.

But the parliament says that government is not caring this matter. It says that Pakistan is trying to divide the tribes living in the two sides of Durand border line to show that this is an official line.

But the defense ministry rejects this and says nobody can establish checkpoints inside the Afghan soil. It warns that Afghan army is ready against any kind of violation.

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