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Editorial: Pakistan helps Afghan peace efforts with rocket attacks

The governments in Pakistan have reiterated each to help peace efforts in their neighboring Afghanistan. Different leaders in Islamabad say this in different words and rhetoric, but in action they have turned against what they say.

This is clear to the international community and our brothers and sisters inside Pakistan (the people of Pakistan) that Afghans have been suffering from the long war in which Pakistan has been greatly involved with harboring, financing and arming the groups who are waging war against peace and calm in Afghanistan.

The rocket attacks targeted poor villages in the eastern province of Kunar along the Durand Line shows clearly contrast to what Pakistan’s Imran Khan had said in his Kabul visit took place in November. Pakistani Prime Minister told President Ghani in Kabul that his country would help the people and government of Afghanistan much more than they ever expect. Since then, Taliban who enjoy support from Islamabad intensified attacks on the Afghan security forces and civilians while their representatives were holding talks with the Afghan delegation on peace.

And as the latest interference, Pakistani army fired 70 rockets on the Shiltan district. Though this was not the first act to showing the violation of Afghan sovereignty by the neighboring state and Kunar and other provinces in the east in addition to Kandahar province in the south had been attacked by Pakistani rockets several times in the past, but this time was a little different as the people of Afghanistan thought that Khan would take a softer position and would follow friendly relations with Kabul than his predecessors.

But now Afghans are sure that Pakistani political leaders are not stopping unfriendly acts against them and Khan, Sharif and Musharraf are following the same policy to seek ways for destabilizing their neighboring nation already tired of war.

The government of Afghanistan who has not reacted seriously in this regard is requested to call for immediately stop of attacks and apologize to the people for violating our national sovereignty in the past attacks. The government should also hold a similar policy and answer for Pakistan and answer rocket attacks similarly if the leaders in Islamabad repeat such shameless and destructive acts which are in contrast to all norms and principles of neighboring and international relations.

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