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Pakistan helps Afghanistan with shelling villages

Pakistani army resumed rocket attacks on the eastern areas of Afghanistan after a lull. The artillery based in the tribal areas just across the Durand Line fired nearly 200 rockets on four villages of the Dangam district in the bordering province of Kunar.

According to local officials, the rockets struck residential areas, injuring four civilians including a woman and two children. This is not the first time that Pakistani army target Afghan territory, it has repeatedly hit villages in Kunar in the past years as well, ignoring the international laws to respect our sovereignty.

Pakistani’s claim regarding the existence of the Tehrik-e-Taliban, an armed opposition group that is allegedly carrying out attacks against Pakistan troops from Afghani soil is completely wrong and an ISI fabricated fiction to justify attacks against the civilians in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has itself formed Taliban and is a big sponsor to the insurgent group. This is also a matter of doubt if the Tehrik-e-Taliban is really an anti-Pakistan group. This is probably another ISI game to form the group and send it to Afghanistan’s mountainous areas to justify the continuation of its interferences and attacks in Afghanistan. The Pakistani army operation in the Waziristan region after the army school attack was a show to send militants to Afghanistan. So, the Tehrik-e-Taliban could also be similar to that.

This would be naivety to trust Pakistan’s promises regarding the fight against terrorists. The shelling took place just hours after Ms. Tehmina Janjau and her accompanying delegation left Kabul, promising to probe the series of attacks in Kabul, Jalalabad and other areas that Afghan government believes were planned by Taliban inside Pakistan.

The government needs to take the rocket attacks serious internationally. It has to call on the international community to pressure Islamabad stop interference in the Afghan affairs.

The US should take practical measures against Pakistan and has to stop conflicting words. From one side, president Trump calls Pakistan a safe haven for Taliban and other insurgent groups that carry out attacks on Afghan and foreign troops, while some officials in the Pentagon say that Pakistan is part of Washington’s strategy and has suffered sacrifices in fight against terrorism.

The government also has to respond rocket with rocket if Pakistan continues firing villages and killing people besides killing them through its proxies.

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