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Pakistan intends to get involvement in Afghan peace

Neighboring Pakistan is making arrangements for hosting Moscow-like intra-Afghan dialogue session in Islamabad and extended invitations to government, politicians and Taliban leaders. For the purpose, invitations extended also to former president Hamid Karzai, leader of Hizb-e-Islami and others. Taliban leaders in Qatar have confirmed they received formal invitation. In fact, extending invitation to Taliban doesn’t matter as they called be called whenever all arrangements completed. Karzai has regretted to attend whereas Hekmatyar would introduce a representative. Other leaders and office holders didn’t make decisions whether to attend. But Pakistan’s decision while the US special envoy is engaged in seventh round of negotiations, Norway makes arrangements to host intra-Afghan dialogues, one-sided border restrictions and aggressions against all those Afghans travelling to Pakistan, growing tension is fuelling day by day in the Persian Gulf region and growing unrests amongst the Pakhtoons throughout Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and rest of Pakistan. No one could deny the fact due to its meddling in internal affairs of Afghanistan, especially pumping hostilities and violence, Pakistan itself painted its image in global community. Still Haqqani network, involved and claiming almost violent acts in Afghanistan is sheltering and depending in Pakistan. Families or close relatives of all those involved in armed resistance against the legitimate government in Kabul and war-stricken People of Afghanistan are residing across the border in Pakistan. Pakistan’s decision of hosting Moscow like session has made ironic all those Afghan leaders who are well aware of Pakistan’s Afghan policies, its secret organs and pro-military establishment politico-religious groups share in fuelling of violent acts in Afghanistan. Though through one or the ways, Pakistan is engaged in contacts with the Afghan leaders to attend but before going to fix a schedule, Afghan leaders wants to get clarity and objectives behind the proposed event. In previous four decades, Pakistan has confirmed of exploiting not only the existing situation of Afghanistan for its own ulterior designs but had always dodged the US led allies during war against former Soviet Union. Afghans are wants and are desirous for an early end to every sort of violence and terror and welcomes sincere and honest support from any member of international community. But recently, some of neighboring countries especially Pakistan have harmed the people of Afghanistan. All Afghans have not only commended Pakistan’s decision of opening its borders whenever former Soviet Union invaded the country but also let the Afghans to engage them in various economic activities. But later, Pakistan confirmed that all it did for getting specific purposes to compel the government and leaders of Afghanistan of following its lines in framing of its internal and external policies. Now when the Afghans are expecting an end to their miseries due to expediting efforts of US through its special envoy Khalilzad, Russian Federation and other countries, Pakistan’s sudden decision of “hosting Moscow” like dialogues made ironic the common Afghans. Politicians in Pakistan are helpless in policies towards Afghanistan, therefore, Pakistan needs to answer stock of questions on its sincerity towards Afghanistan.

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