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Pakistan is still busy in ‘Hide and Seek’

In a reaction to President Ashraf Ghani’s statements on the lack of Pakistan’s interest in fight against terrorism, Islamabad has apparently made efforts to pretend the reality is not what Afghanistan says.

President Ghani in an addressing to the NATO summit in the capital of Poland had said that his country was receiving cooperation from regional countries to promote peace and stability in Afghanistan, except from Pakistan.

Ghani had argued that the Pakistan was not serious in this connection despite its earlier commitments to the four-nation peace process.

In a defensive statement, Pakistani foreign ministry spokesman has introduced Islamabad as honest to its commitments and serious in struggle against terrorism.

“Pakistan is disappointed with the remarks of President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan at the NATO summit,” the spokesman has said. He has emphasized that the two neighboring countries needed close cooperation rather than “constant blame game by the government of Afghanistan based on inaccurate assumptions.

The Pakistani diplomat has also called on Kabul for cooperation in the fight against terrorism, referring to its old allegation that the Tehreek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan is sheltered by Afghanistan.

There come some questions that what are Pakistani statesmen seeking behind such baseless statements and allegations? Are they trying to deceive the international community or their own people? Are they sure that they would win the game in this way?

The time that Pakistan was skillfully cheating the world about its regional policies is gone now and Islamabad can no more wrap its real face by different masks.

Now everybody in the world knows that Pakistan was sheltering former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. It is clear that the late Taliban leader Mullah Omar was living in Pakistan until his last breath under tight security provided by the ISI, and his successor Mullah Akhtar Mansour was killed in Pakistani soil. Taliban fighters enjoy training, arming and financial opportunities in Pakistan, and the Islamic State (aka Daesh) terrorists are also entering Afghanistan’s eastern provinces from Pakistan.

Considering these facts, everyone certifies president Ghani’s remarks.

The presence of the Tehreek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan in Afghan soil is near to a myth more than a fact as Pakistan does not have evidence to prove.

There is a proverb in Farsi: “Catch him/her before he/she catches you!” This is usually used to refer someone who is guilty but tries to blame someone else.

Pakistani civil and military authorities are requested to stop the game of ‘Hide and Seek’ with its neighbors as well as with the world community, because it is bright like mirror that at the last point, Pakistan will be the loser. And the smart leaders of Islamabad would be unseated by their own people whom they have been cheating for 70 years. The noble people of Pakistan do not want to live among the enemies their leaders have made. They want to live among their brothers and sisters instead.

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