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Pakistan has little control of its terrorist Organizations: Social analyst

Social scientist, political and security expert Dr. Samuel Striker said during a seminar in Khost province on Sunday about the U.S.–Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement & President Trump’s Afghanistan strategy, “Trump’s policy for south Asia and Afghanistan is effective and will bring results to the war victims of Afghanistan”.

Dr. Striker has the distinction of being one of the longest-running Social Scientists in Afghanistan. Recently he advised the Ministry of Education, US military and NATO, several interested organizations in Washington DC, and the Afghan Ambassador to the United States to enhance their knowledge of Afghan culture. Furthermore, he talked to hundreds youth and elders of Khost province about the six pillars of the Trump policy on Afghanistan. Pillars includedResults-based measurements of success, Continued Training, Pakistan Accountability, the role of India, Counter Guerilladoctrineand Rules of Engagement.

He also compared the old and new policies of the United States towards Afghanistan. He revealed during his discussion that there are more than 20 terrorist organizations including Haqqani Network, Lashkar-eTaiba and others who are creating instability in Afghanistan. Dr. Striker added, ‘Pressure is being placed on Pakistan. The United States has halted more than USD 700 million to Pakistan in order to deliver a message that, “a country which harbors terrorists can’t partner with the United States.” Pakistan knows that the USA will longer be silent about the safe havens, and “Pakistan has much to gain from partnering”, the social scientist quoted from the Trump Policy for South Asia.

He also appreciated the Indian role in Afghanistan in order to increase commerce, trade and South Asia stability, declaring India the world’s largest democracy. The social scientist has also answered questions from the audience and he emphasized the coordination between the governments, international community and tribal elders. Dr. Striker has also emphasized the importance of messaging between the respective entities for better coordination and effective implementation of President Trump’s policy for Afghanistan and the South Asia.

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