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Pakistan must act to control militancy in Afghanistan, says expert

The political transition in Afghanistan in 2014 has led to a turbulent phase in that war-torn country and the withdrawal of foreign forces has resulted in high civilian and police casualties.

Radha Kumar, the Director General of the Delhi Policy Group (DPG), a think tank, is of the view that Pakistan must cooperate with its neighbors in resolving cross-border militancy to ensure a stable Afghanistan.

There is a view that the first coalition government in Afghanistan has so far failed to bring about a transformation in terms of security and economic development.

Kumar is of the view that regional neighbors and international supporters of Afghanistan must create an environment conducive to the eradication of militancy and provide necessary security and support while the war-torn nation attempts to improve conditions.

Although India is a strong trading partner of Afghanistan, trade between the two countries has not fared well as they are dependent on Pakistan for logistic and other transit aids.

Radha Kumar, Director General of Delhi Policy Group, stated that the Taliban is present in at least a third of Afghanistan and are mobilizing along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

The Delhi Policy Group’s annual report titled ‘Afghanistan 2016 Turbulent Transitions’ was released on April 17, 2016 in Kabul. The annual report covered major developments in the country and the challenges it faces.

“The main country for Afghanistan for this period is going to be Pakistan, mainly, Pakistan for negative reasons. Pakistan has been so implicated in the security in Afghanistan and now that the focus has come here that Pakistan has to be, whether it is coaxed or persuaded to do far more in terms of co-operating in cross border issues, militancy in particular sanctuaries and logistic aid and so on for Afghanistan and with Afghanistan, and I think that is going to be the top challenge for 2016,” said Kumar.

India has played a pivotal role in rebuilding the war-ravaged country by providing aid and assistance for the past 15 years.

“India has tended not to play neighborhood politics in Afghanistan, so Pakistan has constantly tried to make India an issue in Afghanistan and India has never tried to make Pakistan or any other neighbor an issue in Afghanistan,” said Kumar.

International communities and regional countries must take charge and coordinate to assist Afghanistan in securing peace and development. (ANI)

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