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Pakistan Must Make Genuine Efforts to Fight Terror, Says Afghan Envoy Abdali

Afghan Ambassador to India Dr Shaida Abdali in an exclusive interview to CNN-News18’s Parikshit Luthra said that Pakistan must make genuine efforts to fight terror. He said, there should be no good or bad terrorists and the fight against terror groups should continue.

Here’s the full interview:

Do you get a sense that Heart of Asia declaration will have a strong wording on terror?

We had an excellent technical discussion today on the declaration we had drafted. We discussed all aspects including fighting terror in all its forms. There was exception cooperation among nations

Is terrorism the biggest threat to regional prosperity?

This is the question of survival of the entire region. There was consensus that we should fight terror with all we have for afghanistan and the entire region. That was manifested in our discussion. We all agree on a common fight, on threats to everyone, on various outfits and that they are all terrorist groups

But the counter terror framework we are talking about has to do with our security experts. We agreed that draft framework will be circulated among 12 counter terrorism CBM countries and they will work on implementation

Afghanistan and India have always said that there can be no good or bad terrorists. But Pakistan has been making a differentiation between Good and bad terrorists. How do you react to audio tapes of Burhan Wani speaking to Hafiz Saeed?

I fully agree that there should be no good or bad terrorists. That’s why we have no definition in the joint declaration. We will never agree on a definition that says there are Good or bad terrorists. The joint declaration will say that fight against terrorism in all forms must intensify

Do you think Pakistan is sincere about fighting terror?

We have to make sure that unless we have genuine and sincere effort we will not succeed. If there is no sincerity it will mean one day terror will affect everyone in the region. If we distinguish between terror groups we will all suffer. We hope no one will think in that way

The fact that Pakistan based terror groups and the mastermind of 26/11 is speaking to terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir what does that say about Pakistan?

We have made it clear that there can be no compromise. Whosever makes distinction between terrorists will fail and will themselves be damaged eventually

Indian and Pakistan are not talking. Do you agree with India’s stand that talks and terror can’t go together? Do you feel time for dialogue is over?

There is no doubt that finding solution cannot only be through military activities, but I also understand that talks and terror cannot go on forever. This phenomena has to end. That we have talks and then terror, this is increasing day by day.

Would you agree with PM Modi when he says that the epicenter of terror is in our region and that is Pakistan?

There is no doubt about terrorism in the region and about cross border terror affecting india and Afghanistan, the solution is in our region and we have to find the solution and bring peace to our country and that to the region.  (News 18)

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