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Pakistan Pays Each of the Suicide Bombers Rs: 36000 in Afghanistan!

Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam. The whole nation is not only proud of being Muslim, but also they take pride to be called extremist Muslims! They think the almighty God has granted them the divine license to kill all those Afghan people who sought help from the international community for Afghanistan’s peace and prosperity.

There are more than 53000 seminaries (religious schools) in Pakistan where millions of students get the religious education of political hatred.

The slogans of political hatred are rampant across Pakistan; “Crush, crush America–hate, hate America”; “Kill those who insult our leaders”; “Down with America”; “Down with Israel”; “Down with NATO”; “The killer of millions of Muslims is nobody but India”; “Let’s come together and destroy America and Israel”; “From Kashmir to Palestine, Jihad till victory”; “Kafir Shiites, Kafir Khamenei, Kuta Khamenei”, (Shiites are not from us and they have to be killed, and Khamenei is a Shiite and he is a dog); “Freedom of expression is open aggression”; “Our prophet’s honor comes from heaven and no one on earth can take it away”; “Hollywood means Zionwood”; “Jihad is an obligation, now or never”; “Mumtaz Qadri, murderer of the late governor of Punjab, is our hero”; “America ka jo yaar hein, wo ghadar hein, ghadar hein,” (the friends of America are traitors); “The cartoonists must be hanged immediately”; and “Islam is not pacifist, but religion of the sword!”1

Official reports suggest that there are 51 splinter groups of terrorist organizations within different religious sects of Islam in Pakistan. And they believe that there should be an international Jihad against the USA, NATO, and International Community in Kashmir, Afghanistan and other Middle Easter countries.

Recent reports exposed that Pakistan has not taken on the militants from the Pashtun belt during so called Zarb e Azab operations, but only changed the locations and names of the militants from one area to another. The reports also suggest that Pakistani-based sanctuaries are the places where the suicide bombers are trained and sent to Afghanistan for death and destruction and each of the suicide bombers is paid Rs 36000 as rewards.

Tal, Hungu, Bajawar and Aurakzai are the safe havens of those terrorists who plan their actions against Afghanistan under ISI instructions.

The master trainers of the suicide bombers are Pakistani religious scholars, psychiatrists, and army staff. They use different tactics to tempt the students for committing the suicide bombing in Afghanistan, Kashmir and most dangerously, a sizable number of the suicide bombers are also reportedly being sent to the European countries from the tribal areas under the control of Pakistan army.

The Afghan sources also learned from locals in tribal areas under Pak army, that the trainers receive salaries in USD but they pay the suicide bombers in Pakistani rupees. Now, the international community and the masses of the Europe are of the view that the current system ‘capitalism’ lacks the ability to tackle the turbulences and it has no potential to ward off states from sponsoring terrorism and put zero tolerance to their nefarious designs for destabilizing the world.

Pakistan with a population of 200 million is a reckless state and has put world peace in peril and it is highly risky for the regional and international community. The international stakeholders need to go through the measure of seizing its nuclear weapons as these weapons are a reason for Pakistan’s audacious interventionism in other countries, especially Afghanistan and India!

And this is the only way to prevent Pakistan army from sponsoring terrorism as state policy.

Despite, the sincere efforts of India and the USA, other stakeholders also need to find out a solution to the problems for the regional peace and stability, especially for Afghanistan – a solid solution that includes an act of commitment that prevents Pakistan from imposing its hardline fundamentalist thoughts on the people of Afghanistan, Kashmir, Balochistan and Yemen.

1-How War Affects Mindset by Khan Wali Khan Basharmal, Published on The Central & South Asia Business (Afghan Tribune)

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