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Pakistan serves as safe haven for terrorists: Abdullah

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: Chief Executive Officer, Abdullah Abdullah, said that Pakistan is reluctant to destroy sanctuaries of terrorists on its soil and support the Afghan government honestly in the fight against insurgency.

He said that most of the recent terror attacks carried out against Afghan people in the past few days were planned inside Pakistan.

Addressing a session of the Council of Ministers on Monday, Abdullah accused Pakistan of turning a blind eye to the safe havens of Afghan militants in Pakistan, and said that Islamabad is not honest in the fight against terrorism.

He stressed that most of the notorious terrorist organizations which carried out deadly suicide attacks in Afghanistan are living in Pakistan.

“We all know that the main organizers of the terrorist attacks that daily take lives of  innocent people and those who claim responsibility for the attacks, are living in Pakistan. There is no doubt in it,” he said.

The CEO underlined that there is no restriction on terrorist networks in Pakistan. “Our expectation from Islamabad is to act honestly against insurgents and take concrete steps as their speeches are fruitless,” he emphasized.

Abdullah pointed out that in the past ten months there was no change in the Taliban’s fighting but contrariwise they are strengthened because there is no pressure on them. They are equipped, supported and organized against Afghanistan.

In the last couple of days, Kabul witnessed four deadly suicide attacks and inflicted heavy civilian casualties. Security affairs analysts believe that Pakistan has critical role in fueling insurgency in Afghanistan.

They suggested that the Afghan government should approach the UN Security Council and complain against Pakistan for supporting terrorism.

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