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Pakistan should respect ethnic variety: Watchdog

AT News Reports-KABUL: The Human Rights Watch asks Pakistani government to pay respect to the ethnic variety in the country and stop violence against “peaceful protests”.

Brad Adamzad, head of the body’s Asia branch has said that the Pakistani officials should recognize the ethnic variety as strength not as a weak point.

“Pakistani authorities should recognize the tribal differences as strength not as weakness” he said. “Pakistan government should listen to the demands and wishes of the ethnic variety and let them explain their wishes and concerns in a peaceful way.”

Adamzad went on to ask Pakistani government to transparently investigate the murder of Arman Loni.

The remarks come after Arman Loni a member of the Pashtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM) was killed earlier this month in Balochistan province.

Loni’s murder caused large protests by the PTM members against Pakistani government, who allege that the country’s police were responsible for the killing. They ask the government to stop violence against Pashtoons and Baloches by punishing the murderer of Loni and other PTM members.

Meanwhile, some of residents of the central Bamian province protested in supports of PTM on Thursday.The protesters had PTM members’ photos with them.

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