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Pakistan to send massive weapons consignment to Ukraine


Kabul: Even as millions of people across Pakistan continue to struggle in dire misery due to a severe food shortage and worsening economic crisis, the country is all set to send another consignment of weapons and ammunition to help Ukraine fight the ongoing invasion by Russia.

According to a report by Indian Defence Research Wing (IDRW), Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) is all sent to send 159 containers of 155mm artillery shells, M4A2 propelling bag charges, M82 primers, and PDM fuses to Ukraine. This massive haul will be shipped to Ukraine through Poland over the coming weeks.

According to media reports, western countries will help Pakistan with supplies and the upgradation of some of its Western military equipment in exchange for assistance to Ukraine.

The military assistance that Pakistan may receive includes Ukrainian expertise to upgrade its Mi-17 helicopters.

Pakistan has had deep military and industrial ties with Ukraine in the past. The two countries have shared a close relationship in the defence sector since Ukraine gained independence by breaking away from the erstwhile Soviet Union in 1991.

Ukraine had sold weapons and military equipment worth nearly $1.6 billion to Pakistan between 1991 and 2020. Pakistan has also clinched a deal worth $85.6 million with Ukraine for repair and maintenance of its fleet of T-80UD tanks.

Islamabad has so far shown itself to be neutral about the Ukrainian conflict, and also abstained voting the UN resolutions to condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which caused a strong reaction from the United States and European countries.

Earlier, Imran Khan, the deposed Prime Minister of Pakistan, stated that one of the main reasons for his resignation was his government’s resistance to the American pressure against Russia.

Imran Khan had said that his government was dismissed for pursuing an independent foreign policy, especially trying to deepen relations with Russia.

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