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Pakistan warns peace talks be affected if Afghanistan rejects border line recognition

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KABUL: Pakistan says that Durand Line is an internationally recognized border line, calling on Afghanistan to recognize it.

It warned in a statement released Saturday that Afghan peace talks would be affected if Kabul rejected to recognize the Durand Line.

The line has been long a matter of controversy between the two neighboring countries, with Afghanistan claiming that lands beyond the line belong to it and should be returned to Kabul administration.

Political analysts believe that Pakistan supports Taliban and other terrorist groups who fight against Afghan government to keep Afghans in war so that it have the chance to strengthen rule in lands beyond the line.

Pakistan media say that silence from Kabul against Pakistan fencing of the line indicates that Afghan government is not interested in opposing the move by Islamabad.

Members of parliament criticized government for remaining silent against the fencing of the border line as “shameful”.

Afghan officials joined Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in opening the ‘Torkham Border Gate’ this week.

“Durand is the official border line between Afghanistan and Pakistan and has been recognized internationally. If the government of Afghanistan does not recognize the border line, this will affect its ongoing peace talks,” Pakistani foreign ministry said Saturday in a statement.

The government and foreign ministry have repeatedly said that the people of Afghanistan are authorized to decide about the border line.

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