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Pakistani army has entered Afghan soil: Lawmakers claim

AT-KABUL: Some members of parliament claim that Pakistani soldiers had crossed the Durand Line, entering Afghan soil in Khost and Kunar provinces and established outposts.

These lawmakers said they had evidences that show Pakistani army had advanced several kilometers in the district of Sarkano in Kunar as well as Khost’s Zazi Maidan district and had established outposts.

They criticized the government of Afghanistan and the International Community for remaining silent against Islamabad’s violation of international laws.

They said that the violation comes when the two countries were involved in discussion over bilateral cooperation.

They called on the government particularly defense ministry not to continue silence and should defend the national sovereignty.

Pakistani army has established the outposts in Afghan soil based on the Google Map with the cooperation of the US military and intelligence bodies, according to reports.

Officials in the ministries of defense and frontiers were not immediately available to comment on the allegation.

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