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Pakistani diplomat summoned over cross-point strikes

AT-KABUL: In the wake of Pakistan’s continued cross-point rocket strikes into eastern Afghanistan, the foreign ministry has summoned top diplomat from Islamabad.

Pakistan’s Charge de Affairs was summoned on Monday evening in the foreign ministry following recent rocket strikes from other side of the de-facto Durand Line into Afghanistan, said a statement.

The Afghan government has lodged a strong protest with Pakistan over its sporadic and unrestricted shelling into eastern provinces of the country, said the foreign ministry statement.

Afghanistan has raised concerns over Pakistan’s unhampered rocket shelling saga, in spite of which the practice still continues.

These rocket firings into eastern Kunar province have killed and wounded many people and caused financial losses to local residents, the statement said. The rocket strikes by the Pakistani forces into Afghanistan’s territory also paved the ground for presence of terrorist groups in the area. The Afghan government and people strongly condemns this action of Pakistan and call it a serious and hideous violation of international norms.

The ministry said it summoned Charge de Affairs of Pakistani Embassy in Kabul on Monday afternoon over the recent rocket shelling and conveyed the Afghan government’s serious concern about the violations. After a lull lasting a few weeks, the Pakistani forces resumed firing rockets into parts of Kunar province that caused both casualties and financial losses to local people.

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