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Pakistani envoy’s statement illogical: Analysts 

AT-KABUL: The remark triggered harsh criticism in Afghanistan as Afghan experts termed Pakistani envoy’s remarks regarding peace links between Afghanistan and Kashmir as illogical.

“Kashmir issue is between Pakistan and India and linking that to Afghanistan is illogical and meaningless, because Afghanistan is not India’s advocate,” said political expert Ahmad Saidi.

“Afghanistan’s and Kashmir’s interests do not relate Pakistan’s interests in Afghanistan,” another political analyst Jawid Kohistani said.

Kabul has frequently blamed Islamabad for dishonesty to the peace process in the past decade.

Afghan officials are pessimistic regarding Islamabad’s honesty to bring Taliban to negotiations, and linking the Kashmir solution could be another pretext by Pakistan in order to sabotage peace process in Afghanistan.

This comes, while recently President Ghani said that we are not expecting peace through Pakistan, but we want peace with Pakistan.

Also efforts in the framework of Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) consisting Afghanistan, Pakistan, US and China failed after the Taliban group rejected to participate in peace talks and announced their spring offensive.

The Afghan officials criticized Pakistan for remaining reluctant to act against the leadership councils of Taliban and Haqqani terrorist network based in Peshawar and Quetta cities of Pakistan.

In QCG meeting Kabul and Islamabad agreed to take military action against those Taliban fighters, who refuse to join peace talks. However not only Taliban did not come to the table of negotiation, rather they increased their attacks in Afghanistan. Moreover Islamabad did not delivered on promises of taking action against Taliban in its soil.

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