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Pakistani fighters in Ghazni; UN should be told

AT-KABUL: The members of parliament say that the presence of foreign fighters in the Ghazni war should be documented and reported to the United Nations.

Pakistani nationals were reported to have fought along with the Taliban militants in Ghazni province.

Lawmaker, Erfanollah Erfan, said Wednesday that there were foreign fighters in Ghazni war including Pakistani citizens, calling on the government to not remain silent.

“People from Pakistan, Chechnya, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are involved in the war in Ghazni. We ask the government to report this to the UN Security Council as soon as possible. It should share the evidences to the countries that have fighters in the Ghazni war as well.”

Meanwhile, Pakistani politician, Afrasiab Khattak has asked Islamabad to clarify the reports of Pakistani dead fighters in Ghazni war. “Pakistan government needs to explain reports about the dead bodies of Pakistani coming in from the war in Ghazni and Pakistani fighters getting arrested. Is it the repetition of the Jalalabad fiasco in 1989? Pak-Afghan policy is an unmitigated disaster. Change it,” Khattak tweeted.

Political analyst Shahzada Massoud said that the presence of Pakistani nationals in Afghan war was not a new thing and they had been involved in the war in Afghanistan for nearly two decades.

Interior ministry confirmed that bodies of Pakistani fighters were found on the battlefield in Ghazni province. “The Ghazni war was organized by the terrorists and enemies of Afghanistan. In this war, foreign terrorists from Pakistan, Chechnya, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan were fighting alongside the Afghan terrorists,” Rahimi said.

He added that “hundreds of Taliban” militants were killed or injured in Ghazni war.

Taliban fighters stormed the Ghazni city, capital of the province with the same name on Friday night, killing scores of Afghan security forces. The insurgent group called it a breakthrough.

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