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Pakistani terror network ‘busted’

KABUL: Afghanistan’s secret service – NDS – has “busted” a Pakistani terrorist network involved in a conspiracy to stage insurgent attacks in southern province of Nimroz.

Intelligence agents staged a pre-emptive raid in Zaranj city, capital of Nimroz province, killing a terrorist and arresting three terrorists hailing from Pakistan, said the National Directorate of Security in a statement.

The terror network was under the intelligence pursuit for a while and its operatives were attempting to launch a major attack in Nimroz. The intelligence forces spotted and busted the network before they could reach their destination.

Led by Khadem, the network had sneaked into Zaranj city to stage subversive activities.

The terrorists detained were identified as Esmatullah, Abdul Shakor and Hamrazudin, whose leader Khadem was killed in the raid.

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