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‘Pakistan’s integrity violation to share with UNSC’

AT-KABUL: Members of senate were become furies over Pakistan army’s bombardments of Afghan soil, asking the government to not remain silent and share it as a violation of Afghan integrity with the UN Security Council.

Pakistani warplanes dropped at least four bombs Thursday night on the Dangam district of the eastern province of Kunar that borders tribal areas of Pakistan, according to foreign ministry.

Senators said that this was not Pakistan’s first violation of Afghan sovereignty, but Islamabad had targeted Afghan soil with rockets in the past.

“Pakistan had earlier shelling Kunar, Paktia and Paktika provinces, but now their planes appear in the Afghan sky and drop bombs on our villages. This demonstrates that talks with Pakistan are nothing but a drama,” said Lotfullah Baba, a member of senate.

“Everyone knows that where terrorists are and who supports them. Afghanistan is only the victim of terrorism, but now Pakistani jet planes come and bomb us,” another senator, Anarkali Honaryar said.

The bombings came amid Pakistani prime minister’s official visit to Kabul that took place on Friday, during which he held talks on peace and joint struggle against terrorism with Afghan leaders.

Kunar police chief said they didn’t have reports of exact number of casualties of the airstrikes, adding that they were investigating.

Defense ministry said on Saturday that the Afghan army was ready to respond Pakistan’s attacks if it continued attacks.

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