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Pakistan’s warning needs strong answer

Officials in the presidential palace say that Pakistan has warned Afghan air force against any strike on the Taliban fighters in the Spin Boldak district.

Spin Boldak fell to Taliban militants this week. The district lies on the so-called border crossing line of Durand that Afghanistan does not recognize as official border with Pakistan. That is a very important area and is considered as one of most economic points of trade for Afghan traders who import goods from Pakistan, export their merchandise and use the neighboring state’s soil as transit to take their goods to other countries.

Pakistan air force, according to senior Afghan officials, has warned of reaction if the Afghan war planes pound Taliban’s positions in the southern part of the country in Kandahar province which is believed is Taliban’s birthplace.

As a neighboring country that we Afghans have always wanted to share happiness and grieves with, clearly and blatantly makes such statement. Though this is not the first time that Afghans receive such hostile messages from the neighboring country and Islamabad has been blamed for its activities against Afghanistan stability since the early 1980s, but this time the shameless policy makers and army of Pakistan want Afghans not to fight the enemy inside their home. This is the extremity of shamelessness and hostility that Pakistani government and army display.

This proves clearly that Pakistan is Taliban’s godfather and fully supports the terrorist group against the internationally recognized government and the people in their neighborhood. So, nobody now either inside Afghanistan, nor in the international community to justify or support Pakistan’s allegations regarding supporting peace efforts in Afghanistan. This is a proxy war launched by Pakistan in Afghanistan and Taliban militants are waging this war on behalf of Islamabad and unfortunately, against their own people, against their brothers and sisters.

The government of Afghanistan and our diplomatic institution should give a strong response to this shameless warning. The ministry of foreign affairs should also follow this in the international diplomatic circles to disclose the real face and intention of Pakistan to the world and convince them that what Pakistan says about Afghanistan is just against what it intends and what it does.

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