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Pak’s Khan admits his country trained terrorists to fight in Afghanistan

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KABUL: In an interview at the Council Foreign Relations in New York on Monday, the Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan confessed that his country’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) had trained al-Qaida and other terrorist groups to fight in Afghanistan.

It has been an undeniable fact that Pakistani army trained the so called Mujahideen with the Support of US to fight against the Soviet Union, but Khan has become the first leader of Pakistan to publically confirm his country’s hand behind violence in Afghanistan.  

“Pakistani ISI training these militants, who were invited from all over the Muslim world to do jihad against the Soviet Union. And so we created these militant groups to fight the Soviets,” he said, adding “they were indoctrinating that fighting foreign occupation is jihad. But now, when the US arrived in Afghanistan, it was supposed to be terrorism, so Pakistan took a real battering in this.”

After US President Donald Trump has called of the peace talks with the Taliban group, Khan emphasized on a political solution to end the conflicts in Afghanistan.

“For nineteen years if you have not been able to succeed, you’re not going to be able to succeed in another nineteen years.” Pakistan Premier said, continuing, “there needs to be some sort of a peace deal. There has to be a political settlement.”

Meanwhile, the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad on Sunday held talks with Imran Khan in New York to discuss the Afghan peace process.

This comes as the Afghan government has repeatedly accused Pakistan of supporting the terrorists and paving a heaven for several types of militants in its land. The militants based in Pakistan have conducted several terrorist attacks across the world.

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