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Pak’s Khan says Durand is imaginary line, no border

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KABUL: Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan has said that the Durand Line was drawn by the British colonialists as an imaginary line and there is no border.

Speaking in a session in New York, Khan however, did not specify that Durand Line was not unofficial border crossing, but said that his government fences the “border” for the fear of terrorist crossing from Pakistan into Afghan soil.

Khan added that 2.7 million Afghan migrants were living in Pakistan and it was difficult to control their border crossings.

Pakistan Prime Minister emphasized that if border crossing should have been stopped, then Afghan migrants should go back home.

Pakistan and Afghanistan recently agreed to open a round the clock transit service at the border point of Torkham.

President Ghani said in an interview with the Shamshad broadcaster that only the people of Afghanistan could make decision regarding the Durand Line, and no one else was authorized to decide.

Kabul has frequently accused Islamabad of supporting terrorist groups, arguing that the groups have safe havens inside Pakistan soil.

Khan denied the accusations that Pakistan was making troubles before the US to succeed in Afghanistan.

Khan said that he would hint in a meeting with the US president that when Washington could not win the Afghan war in the past 19 years, it wouldn’t win it in the next 19 years either.

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