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Paktia elders urge NUG leaders to resign

AT-KABUL: A number of tribal elders in southeastern Paktia province called on leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG)—President Ashraf Ghani and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah— to resign for their failure to fulfill their promises such as improving law and order situation, creating jobs and strengthening national economy.

The tribal elders and members of the provincial council of Paktia province came together in Gardez, the capital city of the province, on Saturday. The elders said that the leaders of the NUG failed to deliver on the promises that they have made during the presidential campaigns.

Abdul Rahman Qaderi, a PC member of Paktia, urged President Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah to resign.

Pacha Khan Zadran, a prominent tribal elder, said that the leaders have neglected important national issues and remain focused on their personal gains, which have deteriorated the security situation in the country and there is no end to the people’s suffering. He said that differences between the two leaders have created several challenges, adding that the NUG also lacks a comprehensive foreign policy. “If the situation prevailed, more provincial capitals will fall to the Taliban militants,” he added. Zadran said that they have talked to tribal elders from other provinces to organize similar gatherings to find a solution to the current challenges.

He said that leaders of the NUG had no achievement in the past one year, thus, they should resign.

Gulzar Ziarmal, another tribal elder, said that people widely participated in the presidential polls and rendered many sacrifices, but the government was formed based on a political deal between the two leaders. The current government is not based on the constitution.  “Insecurity and widespread unemployment force thousands of youth to leave their country for Europe,” he added. He said that the president and CEO should resign and should not create more challenges for the people of Afghanistan.

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