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Paper ID cards validated without government verification

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KABUL: The National Statics and Information Authority declared the paper identification cards (Tazkira) issued after the Taliban regime valid, saying that the identification cards do not need to be reconfirmed by the Authentication Center.

The decision was announced after the people complained on existence of corruption in the authentication center, where the applicants refer to reconfirm their Tazkira. 

But the national static authority said that it decided to close the authentication center from Monday (today) as it was posing a lot challenges for the people.

The government has recently launched issuing the electronic ID cards for the citizens in parts of the country as it is unable to open the electronic ID cards centers all over the country due to insecurity.

Many experts believe that the distribution of paper ID cards is engaged in frauds.

About two years ago, Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who did not hold any government position then, said that around five million ID cards were illegally forged. He said that thousands of notebooks, in which the employees record the documents of the applicants, have gone missing. Saleh believed that local elders and powerful individuals use their influence on the district administrative to illegally issue the ID cards.

But the national statics authority called on the government to directly contact it if they detect any fault or fraud in the ID cards.

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