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Parliament alarmed over heavy fighting amid peace parley

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KABUL: The parliament has expressed concerns over intensive clashes around the country amid peace negotiations are underway between Afghanistan government and the Taliban delegations in Qatar now for 51 days.

The MPs in Monday session, accused Taliban of being at United States service, saying that Zalmay Khalilzad commands them.

Parliament Speaker, Mir Rahman Rahmani, said that Taliban militants have accelerated attacks in 27 out of 34 provinces particularly in Badakhshan, Kunduz, Uruzgan, Helmand and Kandahar where war is more severe than other areas with tens of civilians and security forces losing their lives while a great number of people have displaced.

Rahmani said that all the people’s representatives in parliament would remain with their nation in “tough days”. He called on the interior security and defense committees of the parliament to present a plan for containing the current situation and share with their colleagues in the parliament.
Lawmaker Nazir Hanafi, accused Khalilzad of acknowledging that Taliban are the US soldiers, saying “if not, why is he emphasizing on the reduction of violence? This means you can people, but not in large number”.
He said that war should had been stopped by the beginning of peace talks, adding that the US doesn’t want to stop fighting.
“There is a very important question that relates the life and death of people. The question is that can we beg for peace? Will we gain the peace by begging? We are begging peace from those countries that their hands are colored with the Afghans’ blood and are the main elements of war in Afghanistan,” said Dr. Ramazan Bashardost, a critical member of parliament.
According to Dr. Bashardost, Afghan leaders went to different countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Russia and Saudi and begged for peace, but the people didn’t experience peace and more were killed.

Bashardost added that not only Taliban, but also the government forces and US troops also kill civilians.
“Why did we get this lower to kiss the hands of those who are the killers of our people, this is not a mystery. How long should we continue this situation? Why don’t we respect our people’s blood and why do we deal with those who are killing our people for many years?”

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