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Parliament blames security officials for mismanagement

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of Parliament on Wednesday strongly condemned the attacks in Paktia and Ghazni. Expressing deepest concern over the ramp up insecurity called mismanagement of high ranking security officials and weakness of intelligence agency main factor behind the catastrophe across the country.

Number of Member of Parliament also criticized government for signing Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with USA; they believed that signing of this agreement caused increasing of security challenges and lead Afghanistan to the ground of proxy war.

“We (Wlesi Jirga) warn government to step up efforts for national political consent and unity, no more rifts are acceptable inside the government for us,” said Speaker of the Lower House Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi.

He said that daily people are giving sacrifices, this not acceptable anymore government must be serious in the aspect.

Criticizing USA newly announced strategy for Afghanistan; he said that Afghan people wished for better situation after announcing the new strategy, but unfortunately after announcing Taliban leader enter to Afghanistan from Pakistan and struggle to united Taliban and Daesh, where this efforts’ example can be seen in northern part of Afghanistan.

He insisted that president Ghani must bring changes in foreign diplomacy, because currently it is a questionable policy.

Legislator Raihana Azad said that “daily Afghan people give sacrifices, which reveal mismanagement and inefficiency of the high ranking security officials.”

She emphasized that Wolesi Jirga must decide serous decision, figures newly assigned as caretakers for Defense and Interior ministry but management not changed.

Expressing condolence treats nothing, we must take measure, she added.

Another Member of Parliament Sadiqi Nelizada said that beside mismanagement and inefficiency of high ranking officials, BSA signing with USA is another challenge for Afghanistan.

He said that Afghanistan changed as ground of proxy war after signing BSA with US government.

He said that without asking Afghan government sending troops for unlimited period by each country proves what?

Sending troops for unlimited period lead the country to proxy war ground we must take a clear decision, he noted.

Member of the Wolesi Jirga Obaidullah Barakzai said that all insecurity challenges are due to signing of BSA with USA.

He said that Daesh, Taliban and Al-Qaeda are all USA’s projects.

He said that also some of Afghan officials have relation with number of Taliban commanders and governor which another reason behind crisis.

Legislator Ghulam Hussain Naseri said that blaming each other is not the solution way for current ramp up insecurity challenges.

He said that all political figures and parties must keep unity in order to overcome current issues throughout the country.

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