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Parliament calls for ceasefire during Ramadan

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KABUL: The parliament calls on Taliban to hold a cease fire in the holy month of Ramadan expected to begin on Friday, so that people feel safe and secure at least during the month of worship, despite the deadly Corona virus threatens lives across the world.“We call on the opposition of the government to observe general cease fire to prevent bloodshed during the month of Ramadan,” lawmaker, Mirza Khan Katawazi said Wednesday.
He emphasized that the people of Afghanistan deserve to worship without the fear of war.
Ali Akbar Jamshidi, another member of parliament, said that Taliban had signed peace deal with the United States and have stopped attacks on American troops, but they still target security forces.
“Before this, Taliban were claiming that foreign forces were the reason of their war, but now they target the security forces who are all Muslims and there is no justification to kill them,” Jamshidi said.
“Our certain suggestion is that this group hold cease fire at least during the holy month of Ramadan so that people get safe in the month of worship.”
Another legislator, Ali Akbar Qasemi said that government forces are killed while Taliban fighters are freed from prisons.
He said that the government should be serious in preventing of civilian deaths.

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