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Parliament concerned over mounting insecurity, ask govt for action

AT-KABUL: Members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of Parliament on Sunday expressed deep concern over mounting insecurity throughout the country.

The lawmakers called on the government to take measures and rebuff the threats.

Ramp up insecurity in different parts of the country and high threats particularly against parliament is the matter of concern and needs to be focused, said Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi, Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament.

He said that only in the past two weeks three members of the parliament were attacked.

“Today, crisis reaches at its high level, so the government must take a clear step to prevent ramp up insecurity in the country,” he added.

Neighboring countries hold sessions regarding Afghanistan’s situation, but the government neglects it, he claimed.

Ibrahimi asked the government to take action to clarify how the neighboring countries use Taliban as instruments.

Pointing to presence of terrorists and al-Qaeda fighters in different provinces particularly in Badakhshan, Zabul, Kunduz and Uruzgan, he said that “we will face more security challenges in the next year, if pre-measures are not taken.”

“Government must use current winter as an opportunity and run operation to prevent threats in the country,” he insisted.

Lawmaker Ahmad Shirzad expressed concern over security challenges across the country, saying that parliament must call on the government leaders to prevent the worsening situation.

Criticizing rifts in the government, breaching of law, insecurity and holding of meeting in Moscow over Afghanistan situation without the presence of Afghan representatives, he said that parliamentarians must force the government to put an end before problems.

Another Member of Wolesi Jirga Saleh Mohammad Saleh a number of officials are fueling tribalism and sectarianism in order to safe his own position and this issue is the main factor behind weak security and economic across the country.

He emphasized that till date Afghan people are not united as a nation, so, they won’t reach peace and stability.

All those figures that fuel tribalism must be fired and trust should be built among nation in order to reach to peace and stability in the country.

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