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Parliament concerned over Russia interference in Afghanistan, asks for govt’s reaction

“Russia must take lesson from past defeat and do not interfere anymore in Afghanistan’s Affairs,” MP

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of the parliament expressed “deepest concerns” over Russia relation with the Taliban and Moscow’s interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan. The lawmakers asked the government to take action against Moscow that will host a meeting with the participant of China and Pakistan to discuss on Afghanistan’s situation.

“Hosting a meeting by Moscow with the participation of Pakistan and China will be clear interference in Afghanistan affairs,” said speaker of the Lower House Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi.

He said that Afghanistan had kept a good relation with the neighboring countries and tries to have a good relation with them.

Coming hard over hosting a meeting to discuss on Afghanistan without presence of Afghan government, he said, would be a matter of concern for coming year. “The government is required to take action and address the issue through diplomacy talks.”

Pointing to the Soviet Union raid in 1979 into Afghanistan is marked as a black day in Afghanistan every year in December month, speaker of the lower house denounced the invasion, which continued near to one decade in Afghanistan.

Ibrahimi said that at the end of December 1979, the Soviet Union sent thousands of well-armed troops to Afghanistan and immediately assumed military and political control of Kabul and some other parts of the country. Through this event, the Soviet Union troops started a brutal, decade-long attempt, which faced resistance by Afghan Mujahideen. The Soviet Union after sustaining heavy casualties and great financial loses left Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, millions of Afghans were also martyred, wounded and took refuge after the Soviet Union invasion to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, lawmaker Ghulam Sakhi Mushwanai strongly condemned the Soviet Union’s raid to Afghanistan in 1979, saying that Moscow must take lesson from its defeat by brave Afghan Mujahideen and do not interfere anymore in Afghanistan internal affairs.

He also praised Afghan security forces for bravely combating against terrorists, adding that still reformation not implemented well in security organs as expected by people.

Also recently the senators in the Upper House (Meshrano Jirga) of parliament voiced concern over Russia and Taliban’s relations; calling it a clear hostility against the people of Afghanistan.

According to reports, Moscow will host a meeting with China and Pakistan to discuss Afghanistan situation.

The three-way meeting will be held under the title of ‘counterterrorism talks’ in Moscow on December 27, primarily focusing on turmoil-hit Afghanistan.

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