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Parliament criticizes government for not being serious in preventing insecurity

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KABUL: The parliament blames government for not doing enough to prevent the increasing insecurity around the country.

Parliament Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani, called Taliban’s attack on Ghor province as “barbaric”, saying they would summon security officials for explanation about the Sunday attack in provincial capital Firzo Koh that killed and injured some 150 civilians.

He said Monday that Taliban “have intensified barbaric attacks in the provinces of Helmand, Badakhshan, Takhar, Kunduz and Farah”, killing tens of civilians every day.
“The terrorist Taliban crated a tragedy in Ghor yesterday and the province’s residents are mourning for their dear ones,” said Keramuddin Rezazdah, representative from Ghor province in the parliament.
He slammed Taliban for being in peace with the United States, but kill the innocent Afghan Muslims.
“The peace in which people’s lives are not guaranteed, is not valuable for us. We want a negotiation that stops bloodshed. The Qatar process should be immediately stopped,” Fatemah Kohestani, another Ghor representative in the parliament said.
Simin Barakzai, another member of parliament, said that Taliban have changed the ongoing peace process to a political game.
“Kunduz is in highest threat where more than 100 people were killed and injured over the past one week,” Abdul Raouf Ebrahimi, a representative from Kunduz province in the parliament said.

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