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Parliament delegation given “ten days” deadline to clarify CPL

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KABUL: Brawl among the members of parliament over the Children Protection Law (CPL) has been lasted for more than two weeks as they struggle to find a final decision about it. Speaker of the house, Mir Rahman Rahmani has demanded appointment of a delegation to finalize the issues in “ten days” in coordination with the high court.

“Ask (them) for consultation about the controversial principal and bring the fate of the issues in ten days to the hall,” Rahmani has ordered the delegation.  

The children protection law has been approved nearly two weeks ago but because of dispute on one of the principals which declare the legal age of children to 18 years, the law has triggered into high depute among the lawmakers. Some of the parliamentarians were opposing a number of principals of the law and calling it in contrast with the Islamic regulation.

“This law has been approved with a low quorum and due to the inaccurate information that have been given to the speaker, the law is not valid,” said deputy speaker of the house, Ameer khan.

Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers, who has approved the law in the last session of the parliament, have said that all kind of discussion, related to the children protection law, has been conducted.

“This law is not in contrast with the Islamic regulation,” said Fatima Kohistani, a member of the parliament.

Moreover, some of the citizens have expressed concerns over the delay in the approval of law, saying that the lawmakers should make the decision as soon as possible.  

“(They) should get over the dispute and implement the law,” said Ayoub Farhat, a resident of eastern Nangarhar province.

Meanwhile, a member of the Senate Committee, Gul Ahmad Azimi said that after approval the children protection law by the parliament, the law should be submitted to Senate Committee.

“Every law that is approved by the majority of the lawmaker, should be submitted to the parliament,” he added.

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