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Parliament denounces “discrimination” in govt. employment

AT News Report-KABUL: The members of parliament condemned discriminations in the employment of persons in government posts as “unacceptable”, saying the government has trampled the social justice that is a big oppression to the talented youth who are seeking job.

Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi, speaker of the parliament said Monday that nepotism mostly dominates interior and defense ministries, adding that the two government bodies should be responsible.

“Employment based on language and ethnic relations is a cruelty against Hazaras, Pashtoons, Uzbeks, Tajiks and every ethnicity. This is a bitter reality and is unacceptable. The constitution clarifies that justice is a principle in a democratic system. The government is cruel by ignoring this,” Ibrahimi said.

There are 17,000 vacancies in 42 government institutions, according to the administration reform committee.

“Competition process is held based on the applicant’s talent and education. Every person from every ethnicity has the right to attend the competition,” said Najib Amin, head of employment section at the reform committee, who added that the process was computerized and there was no human interference.

Jaafar Mahdawi, a member of parliament said that recruitment in the ministries of defense nad interior is based on ethnic and language.

Earlier, President Ashraf Ghani had emphasized that employment in the government should be based on meritocracy, saying no government post should be monopolized.

Mohammad Radmanesh, spokesman of the ministry of defense said that an authorized commission runs the recruitment. “What is very important is that educated and qualified persons should be recruited,” Radmanesh said.

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