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Parliament impeaches top brass over surge in insecurity

AT-KABUL: Decrying the recent countrywide surge in insecurity, Afghanistan’s Parliament summoned on Wednesday high-ranking security brass for an interpellation motion.

Ministers of Defense and Interior as well as the Intelligence Directorate Chief were summoned to the parliament to respond to the questions arisen by lawmakers concerning a countrywide deterioration of insecurity. However, the intelligence chief could not make it to the lower house.

Parliamentarians decried the whirlwind surge in insurgency, suicide attacks, massacres, abductions and robberies in Kabul and other provinces, demanding the security brass under interpellation furnish a detailed briefing and propose antidotes.

Laying a critique over the malfunction of security installations to withhold the recent rampages including the intercontinental hotel terrorist attack, Sadarat Square and Chaman-e-Hozori bombings and recent Helmand car bombing, lawmaker Iqbal Safi too demanded a full explanation from the ministers part.

He alleged that intelligence reports indicate illegal weapons and ammunitions sales in some provinces which provides a counterbalance to the Afghan forces counterterrorism campaign. so the security officials must take measure in the aspect.

He termed presence of Daesh fighters in different part of the country another challenge and urged security organs to share information with the lawmakers, whether they are real Daesh or something else is behind.

Member of the Wolesi Jigar Nelofar Ibrahimi expressed deepest concern over increasing of security all over the country and asked the officials to share issues and outgoing ways.

Another Legislator kamal Safi said that killing, kidnapping, criminal crimes and terrorist activities increased in different provinces day by day.

He termed corruption and in some cases cooperation with the enemies main factor behind ramp up insecurity challenges, thus the security organs must unveil reasons and figures in order to keep better security.

The session ended behind closed doors upon the request of the defense minister.

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