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Parliament offers self-defense for western Kabul security

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KABUL: The parliament calls on the government to hand the security of western Kabul to a self-defense force made of the local youth.

The offer comes one day after a twin bomb targeted to minibuses in the Sar-e-Karez neighborhood of western Kabul in Police District 3. The incident killed 10 and wounded 12 all civilians.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the attacks, but the Daesh terrorist group was blamed and took responsibility for previous attacks in western Kabul that mostly targeted mosques, schools, gymnasiums and private educational centers.

Ali Akbar Qasemi, representative from Ghazni province in the parliament, called security problems in the western Kabul “serious”, saying that people in that large neighborhood have been targeted by terrorist attacks several times, while the government, he said, has nothing to prevent or nullify the attacks.

He suggested on Wednesday that the security of western Kabul be handed to the people of the area.

Mahdi Rasekh, representative of Wardak province in the parliament, said that “poor and non-political people were killed and injured in targeted attack” Tuesday night.

The outspoken lawmaker blamed the government for doing poor in preventing of “systematic removal” of the specific ethnicity.

Rasekh said that more than 35 attacks have totally taken place in western Kabul, but security measure in the area is still less than security for one political leader who is escorted by 400 police, while the two police districts (PD 13 and PD 18) have 400 police officers.

He warned that killing of people in the western parts of Kabul meant ruining of national unity and religious unity.

He said that people in western Kabul are in panic and doubt everyone and everything and the social order and psychological calm there have been disordered. He asked the parliament leadership to top security in western Kabul in the agenda of public session.

Javid Jaihoon, deputy parliament speaker called on the government to be serious in security of western Kabul.

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