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Parliament opens after a four-year delay

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KABUL: The parliament’s 17th work round opened on Saturday after a four-year delay from the constitution’s foreseeing, and six months after the legislative elections held on October 20.

President Ashraf Ghani in his opening speech touched the peace importance, saying that he was committed to the government’s peace scheme.

He emphasized on the republic system to continue, saying that turning to “zero point” would mean that Afghans bow to enemy “which is impossible”. “We do not bow to enemy,” said Ghani, who accused “those who want to weaken constitution” of seeking coup de tat.

“Those who are seeking to weaken our national bail (constitution) by releasing ambiguity, doubt and suspicion are close to those who think of coup de tat, but with a mild move. They do not know how much the coup de tat costs the nation, and I am saying via this tribune that the time of coup de tat is over,” Ghani addressed the people’s representatives.

Taliban have frequently announced they do not accept the constitution of the country and government’s political opposition also call for changes and amendments in it.

The president also urged that he would stay in power until “transparent and nationwide” elections. Ghani’s tenure will end on May 22nd, based on the constitution, but the Supreme Court in a recent announcement let Ghani continue his job until the presidential elections set to be held in October.

Ghani’s rivals in the election, demand his step down on May 22nd, accusing him of misuse of government sources for his personal campaign.

The parliament held first session on Saturday while the results of elections in the provinces of Wardak, Kunduz, Baghlan and nomads zone is yet to be announced.

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