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Parliament opens after winter recess; People, lawyers say no tangible outcome

AT-KABUL: As the parliament inaugurated its 16th legislation round on Wednesday, most people as well as lawmakers have expressed their discontent over ineffectiveness of the parliament. They sling accusations on the parliamentarians for misusing their authority to serve their personal whims.

Some Kabul citizens say that the members of parliament prefer their personal benefits to national interests.

“The lawmakers are thinking of their own wealth, they are not thinking about the people’s problems,” said Attaulrahman, a Kabul resident.

“I am not happy with the work of the legislators. I hope the next parliamentarians be useful to people and serve them,” another Kabul resident, Hajji Mir Zaman said.

President Ashraf Ghani had earlier demanded the lawmakers not to go to government offices for their personal works. He also asked the government officials to introduce the lawmakers who waste their times for their own works to the media outlets.

Some lawyers say that the members of parliament use their authorities incorrectly. “The parliament’s responsibility is to monitor government’s functions, but it has failed to do its job for different reasons,” said Khaled Sadat, a lawyer.

“Most of the works have been left incomplete because the parliament members are unable in their jobs,” Sadat added.

But, President Ghani praised the lawmakers in a speech in the inauguration of the parliament’s new term.

Ghani said that mutual cooperation has caused development in the country, adding that the parliament has approved 300 laws in the past three years.

Members of parliament have frequently rejected accusations.

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