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Parliament reacts to interior ministry’s controversial letter

By Farhad  Naibkhel-KABUL: Members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of Parliament on Monday blamed Ministry of Interior for discrimination in a letter released regarding recruitment of public order police and asked for reformation.

A letter released by the ministry, shared in social media in which it said that a list of Hazara, Uzbek, Pashtoon and other nations except Tajik officers should be created for an anti-riot detachment in Kabul.   The parliamentarian criticized that why the ministry has mentioned in the letter except Tajik, so it means a clear discrimination. But at the same time, the ministry in its official page said that it had already had enough Tajik officers for the anti-riot detachment, thus it was mistakenly mentioned except Tajik in the letter. The ministry rejects any kind of discrimination in recruitment of officers.

“The letter regarding hire of officers is a clear sign of discrimination which is against constitution and Sharia,” said Member of the Wolesi Jirga Aref Rahmani.

He said that this letter must be prosecuted to find the reason behind the issuance of such letter.

He claimed that there is no discrimination against Afghan all nations in the constitution, but we are witnessed of discrimination in scholarships and employment in the ministry.

Lawmaker Fawzia Kofi “the biggest problem created by the National Unity Government is not economic or insecurity challenges, but political corruption (discrimination).”

She said that creating rifts among people by the NUG is the most dangerous challenges and will affect more Afghans and Afghanistan.

She said that a commission must be established to assess the Presidential Palace, Sapidar Palace, Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Administrative Affairs to find out about that how much the constitution law considered in the formation, hiring and firing in these organs.

Besides rejecting the discrimination, caretaker interior minister Wais Ahmad Barmak rejected existence of discrimination in the ministry and called allegation baseless.

Pointing to the letter, he said that it was a written mistake, who was punished.

He said that for the anti-riot detachment, we have hired enough Tajiks all ready, in order to consider presence of other nations for the detachment we such a letter released.

He assured all people that the ministry will remain a national organ and presence of all nation will be considered seriously in police crew.

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