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Parliament rejects budget for new president-approved offices

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KABUL: The parliament decided to drop some organs in the government shaped by presidential decree from next year’s budget.

Parliament Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani, called these offices “illegal” in Monday session and 40 lawmakers supported the decision to omit them from national budget.

Rahmani cited the constitution’s article 90 that says only the parliament is authorized to form, change or abolish government offices, calling on the government to obey the law in forming new bodies.
He assured that both the parliament and ministry of finance would drop these offices from next year’s budget list.

A handful of 128 lawmakers present in Monday’s session opposed the suggestion.

“I object the voting about this matter as we cannot hold voting with only 40 members of parliament,” lawmaker Kamal Naser Osuli said.

But another legislator Monawar Shah Bahadori, rejected Osuli’s opposition, saying that the voting was on the right path.
The lawmakers earlier called for abolishment of the National Security Council that was formed sue to a decree by former president Hamid Karzai.
Dr. Ramazan Bashardost, a member of parliament accused the government had turned in to a shop in which officials work only for their own benefits.

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