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Parliament summons statistics chief over linguistic blunder

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KABUL: Ahmad Javid Rasouli, head of national statistics office was summoned to parliament on Monday after reactions to Farsi that was mentioned as a foreign language.

The office mentioned Farsi as foreign language in the form for the electronic ID cards.

Khan Aqa Rezaie, a member of parliament’s internal security commission, said that mentioning of Farsi was not a mistake, but it showed enmity to this language and the people speak this.

Rezaie called the measure as “unjustifiable”.

He called for trial of Rasouli and his colleagues involved in “making rifts, violating of law and violating of cultural rights of people”.
Farsi is one of two official languages in Afghanistan, but is vastly used in every area. This is the most spoken language in Afghanistan.

Rasouli rejected allegations, saying it was a technical mistake.
He said that those who believe it was an intention, make libel.
Rasouli said that the mistake was made by ministry of telecommunication where the database was made.
“When Mr. Aryoubi was minister of telecommunication, testified that Rasouli meddles in their job. This was when Mr. Rasouli was an adviser,” Mohammad Reza Khoshak, another member of parliament said.
Mir Rahman Rahmani, parliament speaker called for caution in works not to spread rifts among people.

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