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Parliament urges protection of civilians in ongoing battle

KABUL: Members of the parliament called on the war sides to be cautious in saving civilian lives, a reference to the recent US airstrike that killed 30 civilians including women and children in the Garmser district of Helmand province.

Amir Khan Yar, deputy parliament speaker said Saturday that targeting civilians by any side was an anti-human act.

“Killing of civilians by any side whether the government and its international allies or the armed opposition groups, should be seriously prosecuted,” he said.

The New York Times has reported of increasing civilian casualties in the war of Afghanistan particularly in the airstrikes.

Only in the past week, 89 people were killed among them 53 civilians who lost their lives mostly in the airstrikes.

The previous reports said that the US and its allies had dropped 5,982 bombs in Afghanistan between January and October of this year.

Civilian casualties has been a matter of serious concern in Afghanistan that has sparked people’s protest against the foreign troops.

In the recent incident, people in Paktika province launched demonstration against the US airstrike there that they said killed seven civilians.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has also confirmed that women and children were killed in the US airstrike in Helmand.

“Taliban and terrorists use public areas and holy places and this causes civilian casualties during the operations. But our security forces are committed to save civilians because they put their own lives in danger to rescue people,” said Javed Ghafoor, defense ministry spokesman.

But, Taliban rejected allegations over using public areas.

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