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Parliament welcomes cease-fire of warring parties

AT-KABUL: Members of the Upper House of Parliament on Sunday welcomed the announcement of temporary ceasefire by the Afghan government and the Taliban insurgent group, urging the government to use the opportunity for lasting peace and stability in the country.

Senators also called on the Afghan security forces to be on alert during the ceasefire period to respond to any possible attacks.

“I welcome the announcement of the ceasefire and this must become a permanent ceasefire. The security forces must remain vigilant because other terrorist groups may use the opportunity,” said Senator NajibaHussaini.

“Taliban must stop killing the people. The religious scholars issued the Fatwa that the ongoing war is illegitimate based on Islamic teachings and they fulfilled their responsibilities. The scholars are neither the slave of Americans nor the slave of any western country,” said senator Abdullah Qarluq.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Alam Izadyar Deputy Speaker of the Senate House said the terrorist’s supporters will never win the ongoing war.

“The ceasefire must be respected by both sides. Taliban’s supporters must understand that fighting is not the solution. They should seek to reach to their goals through peace and negotiation while respecting the national interest of Afghanistan as well,” said Izadyar.

In addition, Fazel Hadi Muslimyar Speaker of the Senate House called the ceasefire an opportunity to be used for ending the war.

“We welcome the ceasefire by both sides and must be a permanent ceasefire. The killing of Muslims must be stopped. The ceasefire is only with the Taliban not with other groups so the security forces must be prepared,” said Muslimyar.

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