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Parliament welcomes militants’ execution; UNAMA regrets

AT-KABUL: The legislators praised Monday President Ashraf Ghani for implementation of execution penalty against Taliban militants.

Six militants were hanged on Sunday as the court had already sentenced them to death.

But human rights bodies expressed regrets for the executions, who believe it would not ensure the national safety.

Legislators asked the government to continue execution of criminals for ensuring the national security in the country.

Shekiba Hashimi, MP from Kandahar province, said that according to constitution, punishment of the criminals is of the president’s authorities.

“The president is obligated to implement the law,” she said.

“We expect the government to implement the law over those criminals who were involved in many bloody suicide attacks.”

Ghani had earlier vowed to enforce law on those offenders who were involved in killing of innocent people.

Unconfirmed reports imply that the judicial organs have issued the death penalty of 600 criminals and the list is on the table of president to sign.

Taliban warned that they would intensify attacks if the government hangs more militants.

The UNAMA also expressed regret over the executions and claimed that these executions would not ensure public security.

“The United Nations notes that there is no conclusive evidence of the deterrent value of the death penalty and that the use of capital punishment does not contribute to public safety,” it said in a statement.

It asked the government to change the death penalty to life imprisonment.

“It was the legitimated demand of the nation for the government to enforce the law against those criminals who disturbing the national security,” said MP Saleh Mohammad Saleh.

He asked the government to issue the death penalty on those criminals who are involved in suicide attacks and subversive activities.

Speaker of Upper House, Fazil Hadi Muslimyar also welcomed execution of the militants and urged president to continue on issuance of the death penalty agaisn criminals.

“We wish it would not be the final executions, we expect from president to implement his commitments for severe punishment of the militants,” he remarked.

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