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Parliamentarians warn of Ghazni fall

AT News Report-KABUL: Members of parliament warn that Ghazni province would fall to Taliban if the government keeps inattentive.

On Monday session, lawmakers called the situation in Ghazni a matter of concern, asking for government’s immediate measures.

“The situation of Ghazni province is a matter of serious concern. We call on the security officials to prevent the fall of more districts to the opposition,” parliament speaker, Abdul Raouf Ebrahimi said.

Representatives from Ghazni in the parliament said that Taliban fighters have recently intensified attacks on provincial government offices. They added that organized murders have also increased in the province that has sparked public concerns.

“The fall of more districts and even the provincial capital is possible. If the central government does not care, Ghazni will fall and we will have the bitter experience of Kunduz once again,” lawmaker Mohammad Ali Akhlaqi said.

Taliban last week took control of Khaja Omari district for a few hours. In clashes between insurgents and security forces, 12 people including district governor and a senior police official were killed. Other reports say that 23 people were killed.

Ghazni representatives in the parliament said that six districts were under Taliban control, and the fall of the province was highly likely.

Defense ministry admits concerns over security situation in Ghazni, saying that 19 operations were underway in different parts of the country including Ghazni.

“We will save Ghazni province,” said defense ministry spokesman, Mohammad Radmanesh. He added that operations in Andar, Khaja Omari, Zana Khan and Qara Bagh districts had significant results.

Ghazni is lying along the strategic Kabul-Kandahar highway, linking the capital to the south and western areas.

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