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Parliament’s seventh legislative year over, MPs claim significant achievements

AT News Report-KABUL: Lawmakers claimed Saturday that they had “significant” achievements in the seventh legislative year of parliament, hours before the end of the year that is followed by a 45-day winter vacation.

Mohammad Nazir Ahmadzai, deputy parliament speaker, said it was a successful year for the legislators in which they passed some law drafts and gave vote of confidence to the nominee ministers.

“In sensitive situation, the parliament voted for 11 cabinet members, pressured the government to remove distance with the people and passed some law drafts,” Ahmadzai said.

Erfanollah Erfan, member of parliament, said they held 54 general sessions in the year including a summon one, 14 explaining, three listening and 34 ordinary sessions.

He added that the lawmakers passed 27 law drafts, three financial documents and the next year’s budget. Lawmakers rejected seven legislative documents that was considered “against national interests”, according to Erfan.

However, political and law experts criticized the parliament, saying it could not represent the people in passing the laws and monitoring government’s work.

“They should have work to solve people’s major problems, but they didn’t,” said Kabir Rnjbar, a lawyer, adding that the higher education and government’s basic formations’ laws were not passed.

Ranjbar called absence of lawmakers as the main reason caused they couldn’t pass the laws.

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